About the Building

The Việt Museum is located within the Greenawalt House, a Victorian of approximately 1,800 square feet. Originally built in 1877, the building is the last surviving evidence of a once prosperous farmstead that once also included a tank house and orchard. The house was moved in 1991 from the original location on the west side of Almaden Expressway to the History Park.

Thanks to generous donations from the community, the house received a complete renovation. Under Resolution No. 79953, the Việt Museum of History Park in San Jose is designated:

“a landmark of special historical, architectural, cultural, aesthetic and/or engineering interest or value of a historic nature."

The Việt Museum, along with the IRCC, continues to maintain and update the building for the benefit of the community.

For more information about the Greenawalt House, search History San Jose’s Online Catalog for archival images and records.